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Batto Yobayakawa ( () (ばや) (かわ) (ばっ) () Yobayakawa Batto?)[2] also known as Bat Villain (コウモリヴィラン Kōmori Viran?)[3] was an independent villain that was turned into a Next-Level Villain by the Villain Factory. He is from My Hero Academia: Vigilantes.


Before his transformation, the Batto was a tall man with pointed ears, sharp teeth and black hair, swept backwards at the top and shaved around the sides. His arms are darker than the rest of his body, and he has a pair of large bat wings attached underneath them. His feet end in claws.

As clothes, he wears a sleeveless full-body suit, a belt with a central buckle around his waist, and a dark translucent visor.

After being bio-enginered by the Villain Factory, he underwent physical changes. Now he looks more like a half-human/half-bat creature. His skin becomes completely dark, his ears get bigger, his hair becomes shorter, has a small mass of hair grows on his back, and from the waist down is covered with dark fur. He still wears the dark translucent visor.


Batto is a mocking person and proud of his speed, mocking the speed of Ingenium by saying "turtle".

He also seems to be vengeful, since he was looking directly for Koichi Haimawari for having defeated him before.


Vigilantes Beginnings Arc

Ingenium vs. Bat Villain.

At some point, Batto acquired Trigger, and every time he consumes it, he went out to run on highways at high speed at least three times, causing inflammatory incidents by riding around the loop lane. However, he could not be caught because after each of his runnings, he disappears completely through the Naruhata area.

Turbo Hero "Ingenium" and his hero agency, Team Idaten, are dispatched to the Naruhata district highway to stop him. Tensei chase down the villain and orders him to pull over, but the Batto effortlessly eludes Tensei's attempt to subdue him. The villain kicks Tensei, causing the hero to lose control but thankfully the airbag system of his costume prevents him from suffering serious injuries. The villain manages to escape and disappears.

5km away from Naruhata that evening, the Batto appears again running on the highway, and once again, Tensei Ida tries to stop him, but unlike the last time, the plan devised by Tensei and his team lure the Batto into a dead-end strip of the highway, with the rest of Team Idaten ready to apprehend the villain. However, to everyone surprise, the Batto avoids the trap when he reveals that he can fly by manifesting his wings. The villain then escapes from the highway and takes to an old part of the Higashi-Naruhata district. For Tensei, that revelation explains how the running villain managed to disappear every night.

Koichi makes Batto trip.

The villain lands on the ground and sees Team Two, but gets past them, managing to elude each of his pursuers, losing himself in the back streets of Nahurata. As the villain starts boasting about his speed, Koichi slides out of an alley, tripping the villain, and Knuckleduster punches him and knocking him unconscious. Then they tie him up to be arrested by Ingenium and his team.[4]

Osaka Incident Arc

The Villain Factory, the criminal organization responsible for distributing the Trigger in Naruhata, sees potential in the Batto and somehow manages to kidnap him, performing their experiments on him and transforming him into a Next-Level Villain. Some time later, Number 6, one of the organization's main agents, takes him hiding and chained in a delivery truck to a shooting set where Tenya and Captain Celebrity are filming an ad. Disguised as a worker, Number 6 takes out his phone and remotely opens the roof of the truck coming in at high speeds nearby.

As a reshoot is about to begin, the truck crashes in and releases the Batto onto the scene, who chases after Tensei who recognizes him. Batto glides over Tensei who tries to hold onto him and keep him grounded, however, Batto was anticipating this and kicks Tensei, causing him to fall to the ground. Then, Batto sets his sights on getting revenge on Koichi and Knuckleduster next and flies off in search of them.

Batto chases Ingenium.

Captain Celebrity to chase the villain, but he is unable to outstrip him. Batto hears Koichi's singing at Narufest and makes his way towards his location. He swoops onto the stage and grabs Koichi with his claws, flying off with him. However, Captain Celebrity finally managed to catch up to him as he slowed down to pick Koichi off and knocks him out while also saving Koichi from falling to the ground.

Batto is arrested again.[5]


Overall Abilities: Batto has proven to be a rather formidable combatant. He was not only able to evade being captured by the Turbo Hero: Ingenium, thrice, but was able to repel the Pro Hero during their first and third encounter. During their second confrontation, Batto was nearly blindsided by the safety blockade that Ingenium had prepared, and was forced to flee by flying. It took the quick intervention of the Naruhata Vigilantes to successfully apprehend Batto. Since Batto evaded Ingenium a third time, and went after Koichi Haimawari, it took Captain Celebrity capitalizing on Batto slowing down in order to defeat him once and for all.

  • Enhanced Speed: Batto's most prominent trait is his incredible speed, which is enough to rival the speed of the notoriously fast Ingenium. After being transformed into a Next-Level Villain, Batto's speed was enhanced even further, allowing him to outpace Ingenium even more than he did in their previous battles. Captain Celebrity notes that Batto's newly enhanced speed had rivaled his own.
  • Enhanced Smell: Batto has an incredible sense of smell, which he used to identify Koichi. It is unknown if he had this aspect before or after he was transformed into a Next-Level Villain.

Tactical Intellect: Batto has shown to be very observant and analytical of his opponents. When he encountered Ingenium a second time, and the Turbo Hero was able to match his speed, Batto deduced that Ingenium had removed some excess weight in order to keep up with the winged villain, which was proven true as Ingenium had removed his airbags form his hero costume prior to their second encounter. Afterwards, Batto immediately realized that Team Idaten formed a net of teams in order to capture him, but the winged villain was able to swiftly evade them.


Bat (コウモリ Kōmori?): Batto's Quirk gives him bat wings on his arms. After his body is modified and he is enhanced by Trigger, his whole body became bat-like.

Battles & Events

Battles & Events


  • The authors' notes reveal that the inspiration came from the manga Eyeshield 21, which is about an American football team known as the Devil Bats, and whose protagonist is the Running back.[6]
  • His Next-Level Villain form makes him strongly resemble the Batman villain Man-Bat who was mutated into a literal Batman by a self made formula to cure his deafness after studying and then mixing his D.N.A. with a Vampire Bat.
  • Batto's name in kanji is composed of "night, evening" (?), "fast, early" (?), "river" (?), "epilogue" (?), and "person" (?).


  • (To Tensei Ida) "So you’ve finally found your resolve, eh? The resolve to sacrifice everything for speed! The resolve to stake your life on your match with me!"[4]


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