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Author's Notes are short introductions that mangaka add to the dust jacket of each volume of their manga. This includes Kohei Horikoshi and his respective series, My Hero Academia. More often then not, they sound like Horikoshi's thoughts rather than an extension of the series. Volume introductions are located on the front inner face of the volume covers only. Each volume introduction comes with a unique drawing by Horikoshi (usually a hand with a face).

Volume Translations

Volume Translations
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Volume 1 Illustration.png This is my third series to be collected into graphic novels. Forgive me if this sounds reckless, but the thing I prioritize most when drawing manga is creating something that I can enjoy. This one might not remain popular, but for now, I'll just be happy if everyone finds it as fun as I do.
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Volume 2 Illustration.png I like drawing hands. I give them a lot of care because, besides the face, I think that hands are the body part most capable of showing expression and character. On the flip side, drawing hands that aren't expressive is especially tough because there's nothing to go on. For that reason, there's one character in this volume who's especially difficult and who had me on the verge of tears every week. It makes me resent myself. It'll be plenty obvious to any reader which character I'm referring to, so go ahead. Read on.
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Volume 3 Illustration.png Every week, I find myself thinking, "If I don't do my best, I'm gonna die!" It's pretty thrilling.
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Volume 4 Illustration.png Thanks for picking this up. It's thanks to fans like you that we've made it to volume 4. I feel as though the things I like to do in life haven't really changed since elementary school.
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Volume 5 Illustration.png I've been wanting to write a tournament arc since I was a little kid. Now that I've done it, I see it's a ridiculously hard thing to pull off.
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Volume 6 Illustration.png "Stain" has a certain meaning in English. Slowly but surely, the character is making his mark on the story. But anyway, we're getting the anime I've wanted forever. Amazing!!
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Volume 7 Illustration.png This is just how I feel personally, but the most exciting part of any superhero movie or comic is the process of becoming a hero. And I mean "exciting," which goes a level beyond "interesting" in how it creates a sense of anticipation.

So I set out to make a story about becoming the greatest hero there ever was that would perfectly capture that excitement, even for myself as the author.

The stage for that was set way earlier than I expected, but I've still got a ton of story in me, so I'm going ahead at full throttle.
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Volume 8 Illustration.png The anime's begun.
It's all thanks to you readers that we've come this far, so thank you very much!
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Volume 9 Illustration.png The story's still pretty gloomy in this volume. When that happens, it usually ends up affecting my actual life as well. Planning things in your head is one thing, but putting pen to paper is another.
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Volume 10 Illustration.png We finally made it to volume 10!
Back in volume 1, I wrote that my top priority was creating a manga that I could enjoy. But with the anime starting and so many people involved in the enterprise now, it'd be a little irresponsible to keep prioritizing my own enjoyment. That said, all the new stuff is fun too. Maybe even more fun than when the series was starting out.
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Volume 11 Illustration.png Volume 11. Published in the 11th month, containing the #1 hero's climactic battle. Lots of ones.
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Volume 12 Illustration.png This is volume 12!! Things are getting out of hand!
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Volume 13 Illustration.png It's volume 13!! Thanks for picking it up! Season 2 of the anime is starting! I'm ready to be wowed again by the sight of Deku and Katsuki moving around.
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Volume 14 Illustration.png Thanks for choosing this book! All the fan letters and handmade crafts I get from fans are a real source of power for me. They really make me happy! All that power!!!
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Volume 15 Illustration.png Volume 15!! Thanks for picking up. Lately, I've started sunbathing. Sunlight's the best.
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Volume 16 Illustration.png Thanks for purchasing volume 16! It's getting cold, huh! I actually get excited about winter, because I love it!! COLD, through!!
Volume 17 ↑ Back to top
Volume 17 Illustration.png Thank you for picking up volume 17! Most of the coloring I do is digital, but I've also dabbled in analog. Conclusion? Analog is more fun.
Volume 18 ↑ Back to top
Volume 18 Illustration.png Thanks for buying volume 18!! My schedule's gotten insanely full! Plus Ultra!
Volume 19 ↑ Back to top
Volume 19 Illustration.png Volume 19! Thank you for purchasing it! It seems I'm about to go overseas for the first time ever. Wow!
Volume 20 ↑ Back to top
Volume 20 Illustration.png Volume 20! Thanks for picking it up! My little sister's friend's son is a fan of Jiro, and I hear he was influenced enough to start talking guitar lessons! Jiro is one rocking girl who can play both guitar and bass! Rock on, Kyoka Jiro!!
Volume 21 ↑ Back to top
Volume 21 Illustration.png Here's volume 21! Thanks for picking it up! It's cold! I wanna eat oden stew!
Volume 22 ↑ Back to top
Volume 22 Illustration.png Here's volume 22! Thanks for picking it up! Even now I still don't quite understand how to give characters muscles, even though I always have some kind of reference book in one hand while I'm drawing them. Maybe I would understand if I got buff too?
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Volume 23 Illustration.png Volume 23! Thanks for choosing to take this one home! I wrote a comment in an issue of Weekly Shonen Jump a while back having sticker phobia, but then I remembered all the fans who've sent me fan mail decorated with stickers. That comment probably hurt them... I'm sorry I ever wrote that. I've got a second stomach for fan letters, and I always get such a kick out of reading them.
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Volume 24 Illustration.png Thanks for picking up volume 24! It turns out this volume is wall-to-wall villain stories. I have to say sorry to those of you who were hoping for more Deku... But I think this should be interesting, so please enjoy it!
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Volume 25 Illustration.png Volume 25! Thanks for buying it! The second movie is about to come out! I couldn't be happier!
Volume 26 ↑ Back to top
Volume 26 Illustration.png Thanks for picking up volume 26! It's getting warmer, so I'm taking more walks!
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Volume 27 Illustration.png Thank you for purchasing volume 27! In these turbulent times, I'm once again reminded of the joy of knowing that people are reading my series.
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Volume 28 Illustration.png It's volume 28! Thanks for picking it up! My family's cat passed away. For 21 years, it watched over the Horikoshi household. This is the first time I've really felt what it's like to have a hole open up in my heart. Thank you for everything, Maru-chan.
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Volume 29 Illustration.png It's volume 29! Thanks for purchasing! Sometimes I chow down on fresh salad at 3 a.m., and honestly, I'm not sure if it's good or bad for my health!!
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Volume 30 Illustration.png Thank you for purchasing volume 30! Thanks for purchasing! I once received a fan letter from a five-year-old boy, and I keep it in a visible spot when I work. I wonder if he's still reading the series? Somewhere in a corner of my brain, I'm always thinking, "Are five-year-old boys enjoying my work?"
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Volume 31 Illustration.png
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Volume 32 Illustration.png
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Volume 33 Illustration.png

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