Anonymous (アノニマス Anonimasu?)[1] are villains from My Hero Academia: Vigilantes.


Anonymous are humanoid villains of average build and height, though a few of them vary in these traits. They have a scar across their face similar to Number 6, and a mouth with defined lips similar to Bombers.[2] Their extremely veiny skin is sectioned off into different-colored patches that look similar to Number 6's hero costume, and there are orbs located on the backs of their palms and at the center of their chest. They also have clawed feet and hands.

During the Naruhata lockdown, they wore hats and long-sleeved clothing in order to blend into the crowds.


In a similar manner to Bombers, the Anonymous lack any personality traits, only being designed to follow orders sent out by Number 6. They also possess their lack of instinct for self-preservation or fear. However, they're much more intelligent, demonstrated in their ability to mimic human emotion and speech as lures.


Naruhata Lockdown Arc

After obtaining the ability to command the Anonymous Nomu, Number 6 scattered them around Naruhata disguised as regular citizens. As per the O'Clock vestige's instructions, Number 6 activates his ability, causing a scar similar to his own to appear on the faces of all the Anonymous drones. Operation Anonymous had begun.[2]

Phase 1, the Anonymous used their special organs to unleash an EMP attack, causing a blackout throughout Naruhata and disabling electronic communication. Phase 2, the Anonymous caused a series of traffic accidents, systematically blocking off major roads to prevent people from entering and leaving the city. Phase 3, the Anonymous began causing trouble and havoc in order to cause an atmosphere of unease and paranoia among the citizens, while also using their Unnamed Emotion Quirk to divide people psychologically and prevent them from cooperating.

Number 6 was irritated that The Crawler and Eraser Head were able to work together to save some citizens despite the efforts of the Anonymous, but O'Clock's vestige disregarded it, saying that the only important factor was that All Might would not come to fight an unseen enemy.[3]

Number 6 noted that the paranoia and isolation the Anonymous had sowed in people were being undone by people's hope in heroes, which he admitted is admirable, but needed to be stopped. Three Anonymous lure The Crawler and Eraser Head down onto the street and attack them, detonating themselves in the process. After Eraser Head defeated them, five more arrived and charged in to attack. Eraser Head sent The Crawler to continue to the hospital while he took on the Anonymous himself.[1]


Coordination: All Anonymous obey the commands of Number 6, almost like a hive mind. This allows them to move and operate in large numbers in a synchronized fashion. Number 6's control over them may have something to do with the scar that they all share.[3]

Enhanced Durability: Anonymous are able to take a repulsion blast from The Crawler without being injured or stunned.

Electromagnetic Pulse: Anonymous' bodies contain special EMP organs that can disrupt electronic communication.


Self-Detonation (爆発 Bakuhatsu?): Anonymous' Quirk allows them to self-destruct at will. Compared to the Bombers and Number 6, the explosions are much less powerful.

Battles & Events

  • Anonymous vs. The Crawler and Eraser Head


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