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Anan Kurose vs. Kurogiri is a battle fought between the rescue hero Thirteen and the warp villain Kurogiri during the U.S.J. Incident.


Having been suddenly ambushed by dozens of villains, Thirteen and Shota Aizawa try to evacuate Class 1-A from the U.S.J. facility. After Shota descends to the central plaza to fight back against the invading villains, Kurogiri slips past him by using his warping Quirk to appear before the students and Thirteen.

Kurogiri warps Class 1-A.

Kurogiri introduces himself and the League of Villains before inquiring about the whereabouts of All Might. Thirteen tries to use her Quirk, but Katsuki and Eijiro jump out and attack Kurogiri.

The warp villain remains unscathed from their assault and counterattacks by spreading his dark mist to envelop all the students. Tenya moves Ochaco and Rikido away form the fog while Mezo does the same with Mina and Sero, but the others are warped across the U.S.J.'s various zones. This leaves Kurogiri with only Thirteen and a few remaining students.[1]


After Mezo confirmed that their classmates are scattered across the facility with his Quirk, Thirteen encourages Tenya to escape the facility and bring back reinforcements from U.A.'s main campus since they have no other way to ask for help. Tenya is reluctant to do so, thinking it would be disgraceful to leave his classmates behind, but after being encouraged by everyone to use his Quirk to save others, Tenya decides to dash back to U.A.

Thirteen is defeated.

Kurogiri mocks the heroes for voicing their strategy so openly and Thirteen replies that it does not matter what Kurogiri knows once they're done fighting. Thirteen activates her Black Hole Quirk and starts to pull Kurogiri into her finger.[2]

Kurogiri acknowledge that her Quirk is powerful, but because she is a hero specialized in rescue and not fighting, she lacks experience in battle. The villain effectively counters the intense gravity by creating a warp gate between him and Thirteen, and another behind the hero. As a result, Thirteen's Quirk is turned on its head and it rips open the back of the hero's suit. Thirteen deactivates her Quirk and falls to the ground defeated.[3]


The students take care of the injured Thirteen.

Thirteen is left severely injured and incapacitated on the ground. While Mina and Ochaco check on the Rescue Hero's condition, Tenya makes a break for the door. Kurogiri chases him, and when he is about to cause Tenya to warp away, Ochaco grabs onto Kurogiri's plates around his neck (after surmising that those plates are part of his real body) and uses her Zero Gravity Quirk to make the plates float, causing Kurogiri to go into the air. Then, Hanta uses his Tape to catch Kurogiri in the air, and with Rikido's help, they take him away from Tenya, ensuring his escape to call for backup. Kurogiri declares the villains' plans ruined and warps back to Tomura's side.[4]


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