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Amplivolt ( (ぞう) (でん) Zōden?) is the Quirk used by one of the commanders of the Paranormal Liberation Front.


Amplivolt allows the user to conduct and amplify electricity within their body, being able to release it afterwards.

Once amplified enough, the user is able to fire blasts of stored electricity from their hands. They are also resistant to the harmful effects of electricity, as the user is shown electrifying himself with a taser without any signs of harm towards himself.


Unlike Electrification, Amplivolt does not appear to be capable of generating electricity by itself, requiring contact with an outside source of energy for the user to charge up.

The electric current generated from this Quirk can be absorbed by objects or Quirks that can draw or conduct electricity to negate it, such as said Electrification.[1]


The user of Amplivolt is shown activating his Quirk to attack the army of Heroes raiding the Gunga Mountain Villa, intending to stop the raiders in their tracks with his strongest Super Move: Supreme Discharge: Thundernet. However, Denki Kaminari was able to absorb the entire attack using Electrification, letting his comrades continue the raid.

The user carries a taser which he uses to transfer electricity into his own system, acting as a source of electricity that he can amplify.

Named Super Moves

Supreme Discharge Thundernet.png Supreme Discharge: Thundernet ( (せい) (あつ) (ほう) (でん) (らい) (もう) Seiatsu Hōden: Raimō?): The user shocks their hand using a taser, before releasing a large amount of electricity to attack several opponents at once.


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