The Allmobile is a vehicle developed and driven by David Shield.


As All Might's sidekick, David developed a car to support them while working as heroes. It is a red, two-passenger, transformable car armed with anti-projectile cannons and a sophisticated navigation system.

The car is incredibly fast in order to pursue villains and has the ability to leap over large obstacles using its thrusters. The main unit is known as the M-Unit and remains in A-Mode while separate from the second console known as the F-Unit. The F-Unit is a flying drone with a camera that can send signals to the main car in order to track desired targets.

The main console and the drone can merge to swiftly shift the car into F-Mode. F-Mode transforms the Allmobile into a jet plane with even more speed than in A-Mode. This process can be achieved while David is driving to transition smoothly from driving into flying.[1]





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