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All Might Rising (ALL MIGHT (オールマイト) RISING (ライジング) Ōru Maito: Raijingu?) is an OVA bundled with the Blu-ray release of My Hero Academia: Two Heroes and serves as the anime adaptation of the All Might Rising one-shot Manga. It is the third OVA released in the series.


During a battle with All For One that's escalating toward the destruction of One For All, Nana Shimura pushes her pupil, Toshinori Yagi, out of danger.

Nana Shimura's last smile

"I'm counting on you."

Toshinori calls out to his master as Gran Torino swoops in and flies him away. Nana says she's leaving the rest to All Might and asks her friend Sorahiko to make sure his dreams come true. With her back turned, Nana points to All Might, signaling his time has come to take her place. Nana turns to her successor and with one last smile, reminds him that she's counting on him to save the world.

Toshinori screams for his master as Gran Torino flies away filled with grief. Knowing in her heart that All Might will rise to take her place, Nana turns to face her nemesis. The evil mastermind thanks her for entertaining him and finishes her off with a powerful explosion created from a surge of black lightning, which decimates the entire island.

All Might regains his resolve

Gran Torino helps All Might regain his resolve.

Toshinori Yagi was only 18 years old when he was separated from his master. Later, Gran Torino trains Toshinori in combat at U.A. High. He says that no matter what city Toshinori hides in, All For One's reach will find him. Toshinori replies that he needs to try and fight back so he can become the Symbol of Peace and passionately throws a counter punch.

Gran Torino kicks Toshinori on the ground and sits on top of him while enjoying his favorite taiyaki treats. He reminds Toshinori that his enemy is a man who's walked the earth for over a hundred years. Toshinori cries while saying his master gave up everything to raise One For All's next torchbearer and admits he thought of her as his own mother.

All Might travels to America

All Might travels to America.

Gran Torino lifts his sobbing student by his shirt and tells him he needs to cross the ocean after he graduates. He fears that if Toshinori doesn't escape the villain's reach, then Nana's sacrifice will be for nothing. Grieving, Gran Torino asks Toshinori if he understands why Nana let him escape. He asks Toshinori to save his power, restoring the resolve within All Might.

That spring, Toshinori graduates from U.A. High. Before flying to America, All Might styles his hair into what would become his iconic hairdo and dons his master's signature smile. After taking off, Toshinori promises to return to Japan and save everyone with all his might.

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