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This article is about the Quirk. For the Quirk's original user, see All For One.

All For One (オール・フォー・ワン Ōru Fō Wan?) is the Quirk used by All For One, before being transferred to his successor, Tomura Shigaraki, while keeping a duplicate. A weaker version of the Quirk was also used by Nine.


All For One allows the user to steal the Quirks of other people and wield those stolen powers as their own. It also allows the user to redistribute stolen Quirks to someone else. The process of giving and taking away Quirks is done through touch, through a hole in the palm of the user's hand, once it receives contact.

An All For One victim, Tomoko Shiretoko, left temporarily incapacitated.

A victim whose Quirk has been stolen becomes Quirkless, and loses any abnormal features if the powers happened to be Mutant-types. Interestingly, even if the user holds Mutant-type Quirks, the subsequent features do not permanently manifest on the user's body, and they can instead summon the mutant features at will. Additionally, when a Quirk is stolen, the victim becomes disoriented and immobile for a short time. Meanwhile, Quirkless people who receive a Quirk through All For One become capable of manifesting all of its attributes.

Rarely, a Quirk granted by this ability can blend together with the recipient's original Quirk, creating an entirely new power, as shown with One For All.[1] In addition, it is also possible for the Quirks stored within All For One to evolve and grow stronger when mixed with other Quirks, as demonstrated with All For One's lie detection Quirk that he stole when Quirks first began.[2]

All For One can be used to combine several Quirks in order to create devastating techniques, which would normally not be possible with the usage of only one Quirk.[3] Furthermore, it can also be used to help restrict a Quirk’s drawbacks and weaknesses through the usage of other Quirks, allowing the user to easily handle multiple powers without facing repercussions to their body.

All For One's users, past and present, fighting for control.

All For One's first user intended to have Tomura inherit his Quirk, implying that transferring All For One itself to another person is possible.[4] This was evinced to have already been accomplished, as All For One, prior to being sent to Tartarus, had Doctor Kyudai Garaki extract his power from his body, and duplicated, with the original being kept on standby to be passed on to Tomura, while the Symbol of Evil retained the copied version of his original Quirk.[5] It has been shown that the recipient of the All For One Quirk itself can access the Quirks that the previous user possessed due to the said powers becoming applications of All For One, rather than extra Quirks.[6]

Another facet of receiving this power is having a mental link with the previous user, whose psyche was imprinted onto the All For One Quirk. As a result, Tomura exhibits some of his master's personality traits, and can meet with a vestige of All For One within his own mind.[7][8] This is similar to how the wills of the One For All users are integrated into One For All itself, which has evolved to where Izuku Midoriya can communicate with the previous inheritors of the said power. It was soon revealed that both cases are due to the common spectacle that Quirks, much like organs during organ transplants, retain the consciousness of their donor, whose power was granted to the recipient.[9]

All For One seems to grant access to an unidentified mental realm contained within the Quirk similar to its counterpart Quirk, One For All, as shown when Tomura tried to steal One For All from Izuku. When this happened, the mental realms of both Quirks became connected temporarily and the current users, and the stored consciousness of previous users, were shown inhabiting the same mental realm.


There are some limitations to the Quirk. Not all recipients of a Quirk from All For One are able to handle the strain of gaining them, subsequently becoming mindless dolls, who are not able to speak or think for themselves. Being Quirk-empowered prior to receiving a Quirk from All For One is a factor that allows a person's body to withstand the Quirk-bestowal process. This spectacle was evident when Yoichi Shigaraki, Wolfram, and Lady Nagant were not put into brain-dead states upon being endowed with a Quirk by All For One, due to already being in possession of their own respective Quirks.[1][10] However, even if a person is capable of holding their new Quirk, it is possible that their body would not be able to properly handle its power. This is first demonstrated by Yuga Aoyama, who cannot use his Navel Laser Quirk without a special belt to assist him and even risks damaging his internal organs if he uses the Quirk for too long.[11]

The effectiveness of the Quirks that are stolen by All For One depends on his own abilities. He stated that he did not want to steal Best Jeanist's Fiber Master, as it required too much training and experience to truly master, this implies that he prefers to steal Quirks with straightforward abilities.[12]

Unable to steal One For All.

All For One is incapable of stealing One For All from its wielder, as that Quirk, by its very nature, can only be passed on if the present wielder wills it.[1] Thus, wielders of One For All can act as a natural counter of sorts against All For One's ability to steal other Quirks. However, he was able to overcome this limitation in the past against previous wielders of One For All, due to the sheer number of Quirks he possessed. Furthermore, Kyudai performed various experiments on the body of Tomura so that the latter can be capable of stealing One For All, a feat All For One himself couldn't accomplish. It was eventually revealed that One For All's anti-theft properties can be overridden by someone with strong negative emotions, due to it eating away a potential inheritor's will. The vestiges of the previous One For All users surmised that All For One has been grooming Tomura's body and hatred in order to override One For All's will and finally steal it in that manner.[13] This also means that the elder Shigaraki didn't have enough hatred to steal One For All on his own.

It's been discussed by Kyudai that, over time, the large number of accumulated Quirks within All For One was becoming dangerous to the user himself. While it seemed that All For One could allow the user to safely control any number of Quirks, there is a limit to how much the user can control without it adversely affecting them, like the Nomu. Kyudai went on to state that if the "memory" (the amount of power of a Quirk) exceeds the "hardware" (the body of the Quirk user) then it will cause serious problems.[14] This is somewhat similar to One for All, which causes a serious burden on the user's body and can shorten their lifespan if they already possess a Quirk when receiving it due to the burden of possessing multiple Quirks.[15]

The body strain drawback of this Quirk was displayed during the Paranormal Liberation War, when Tomura's body began to suddenly tear apart despite having Super Regeneration, which activated shortly afterwards. Tomura was intended to awaken with his newly enhanced body within four months, but was forced out of stasis early due to Mirko shattering his capsule, leaving him at 75% of his intended strength. Due to this premature emergence and insufficient power, Tomura's body couldn’t keep up with the power of All For One and the multitude of Quirks stored within it.[16] Furthermore, due to the multiple different Quirks stored within All For One and have changed over the years, Tomura's body is unable to properly handle all these Quirks and has experienced the effects of the Quirk Singularity Theory, which results in his body growing hundreds of hands and fingers uncontrollably.[17][18]

As all Quirks are tied to their user's body and have been stated to be a function of the user's physiology much like an organ or limb, as such, injuries or negative health conditions will limit a user's Quirk or their ability to use it. This is even more pronounced with All For One, as the ability to use stolen Quirks along with how many Quirks can be stolen is directly connected to the health and strength of the user's body, the user's ability to steal Quirks and use them is drastically diminished if they become injured or crippled. After his fight with All Might, All For One's permanent, life-threatening injuries drastically reduced his power and output with his Quirk, forcing him to come up with a way to either heal himself or strengthen and take a new body to recover and surpass his previous limits.

A hostile Quirk going berserk in the vestige world.

All For One only has the ability to give and take Quirks from others, it does not allow the user to destroy the Quirks they hold, even if they threaten the user's health. After stealing New Order from Star and Stripe, the hero placed a rule on her Quirk which stated that it would revolt against other Quirks, allowing New Order to severely weaken Tomura's body and destroy many of his Quirks from within.[19] The only way for an All For One user to rid themselves of a self-destructive Quirk is to transfer it to someone else, as demonstrated by "Tomura's" failed attempt to do so with New Order. Another possibility would be for the user to gain a Quirk that could heal or negate another Quirk's damaging affects, although this was impossible with New Order as the rule set upon it prevented it from coexisting with other Quirks.

While not an issue for the original wielder of the Quirk, one particular weakness of All For One for an inheritor of the original Quirk variant is the threat of the previous wielder's will taking over the body and controlling the current user, as is the case for Tomura being taken over by All For One. As described by the vestigial will of All For One contained within the Quirk, negative emotions such as hatred and anger would allow his consciousness to take over the body of its current wielder, as well as shape the body into a whole new being, that is a fusion of the two minds.[20]

With Nine's lower-tier variation of the Quirk, he was only able to steal up to 8 other Quirks. In his attempt to steal One For All from Izuku Midoriya, Nine was unable to do so, which he believed was due to his storage limit (which was actually the Quirk's anti-theft properties). It is unknown if Nine's version allowed him to transfer Quirks to other people, as he was never seen nor mentioned to have done so. Moreover, due to the power of All For One, it put further strain on his body and caused the cellular degeneration from his Weather Manipulation Quirk to worsen. This drawback is the reason why Nine attempted to steal the Cell Activation Quirk of Katsuma Shimano so that he can rejuvenate his lost cells and continue using his various Quirks without limit.[21]

With All For One's duplicate of his own Quirk, it is revealed during the second war that the copied version doesn't give him as much command over his stolen Quirks as the original. This has caused some of the vestiges of people he's stolen Quirks from to rebel against him and hinder him in battle.[22]

Since All For One's Quirk Factor resides in the user's hands, they would be unable to use it should they lose said limbs, unless they possess a Quirk that can regenerate and regrow them.


All For One

The man who wields All For One once used his Quirk to dominate Japanese society over a century ago, using his Quirk to take away unwanted Quirks and give them to those who needed them, in exchange for favors. Eventually, All For One's user would amass a large following of loyal subordinates that carried out every single one of his wishes.

Later, this man would use All For One to empower genetically engineered creatures known as "Nomu" in order to assist Tomura and the League of Villains with the achievement of their goals. The Nomus' creator, Kyudai Garaki, explained that artificially transplanting Quirks, most of which he was able to replicate,[23] into a person's body requires complex surgery and takes at least 3 months to fully integrate into the chassis, but it's more difficult without All For One.[24] This vindication postulates that All For One's ability to transfer Quirks onto people made the Nomu production process much easier.

Ultimate combination of Quirks.

For combat, All For One's user prefers to combine many of the Quirks he has collected throughout his life in order to maximize their power and effectiveness, often to truly catastrophic levels. Since this man has no qualms with killing, he doesn't hold back in fights, and will even target defenseless people, using them as a distraction to his advantage. Even with his severe and debilitating injuries, the Symbol of Evil still showed to be an incredibly fearsome adversary, using his many Quirks to unleash destruction onto his surroundings. He also used an Infrared Quirk to sense other people and compensate for his blindness.

It's been suggested by All Might that All For One was used to obtain a Quirk that grants agelessness, explaining how its user is still alive to this day. This would later be confirmed by Kyudai who replicated his own Life Force Quirk, and giving the original to All For One and keeping a copy. All For One was also able to circumvent this Quirk’s dampening affect on physical mobility through the use of other Quirks.

As All For One gained complete hierarchy over Japan, he plans to do the same with the whole world by causing complete devastation which would cause currencies around the world to lose their value, creating a worldwide catastrophe similar to the Great Depression or the chaotic uprising of Quirks. His ultimate goal is to make Quirks the sole factor in people’s lives to bring about things such as sustenance, water, and power. Because of this, people would have to rely on All For One for his vast myriad of Quirks and his ability to give and take them to solve all their needs, thus granting him complete control over the world.

A few days prior to the Kamino Incident, All For One had his Quirk duplicated, keeping the copied version for himself while the original was preserved until it was finally transferred to Tomura.[5] During the second war however, it is revealed that the duplicated version of the Quirk does not give All For One as much command over his stolen Quirks as the original, causing some of the vestiges of whom he's stolen Quirks from to rebel against him.[22]


Nine donated his body to Kyudai Garaki of the League of Villains for experimentation so that he can become more powerful. During the process, Nine was implanted with DNA of All For One, and since his body was compatible with the latter's Quirk Factor, he obtained the same power to steal Quirks from other people. However, his variant was much weaker compared to the original user, as Nine was only capable of stealing eight other Quirks, and it's unclear whether he was capable of giving Quirks to others.[21]

Nine used All For One to gain more power by targeting the Quirks of Pro Heroes, choosing to steal ones of particular power and use, allowing him to attack and defend from both short and long range distances. Additionally, he also acquired a Scanning Quirk that allowed him to view the Quirks of other people and measure their power, which gave him more insight into different Quirks and allowed him to identify and pursue the ones he wanted more easily.

Tomura Shigaraki

Foreseeing his defeat at the hands of All Might, All For One had his Quirk duplicated, keeping the duplicate for himself while his ally, Kyudai Garaki, preserved the original with the goal of having it transferred to his disciple, Tomura Shigaraki. Kyudai would then perform a long and complex operation to transfer All For One to Tomura.[5] After the operation was complete, Tomura was not only capable of wielding his master's power, but also had access to all of the Quirks All For One himself possessed.[6] However, due to the operation being only 75% completed, Tomura didn't have enough power to steal One For All, nor the full control over the various Quirks he now possesses.[9] All For One's will is contained within the original Quirk, and has been using Tomura's anger to fuse together him and Tomura's wills into one ultimate being.[20]

As shown when he stole Star and Stripe's Quirk, Tomura can use All For One on top of his original Decay Quirk to steal an opponent's power and promptly finish them off by disintegrating them straight after.

All For One's Ultimate Moves

All For One using multiple Quirks.png Ultimate Quirk Combination: All For One combines several of his stolen Quirks to greatly enhance his right arm. It consists of Springlike Limbs, Multiplier, Hypertrophy, Rivet, Air Walk, and Spearlike Bones, as well as four Kinetic Booster Quirks and three Strength Enhancer Quirks. This combination of Quirks is what All For One attempted to use in order to kill All Might.[25]


  • One For All is an inversion of All For One in many ways.
    • One For All gives its current user the Quirks of the previous users, but All For One takes the Quirks of people.
    • To transfer One For All is to gain the strength necessary to handle the sheer power and then ingest a DNA sample of the user who intends to pass it on, while All For One requires complex artificial means that left Tomura in pain for nearly 4 months.
    • One For All's name is an inversion of All For One, showing the differing philosophies between their wielders. The former emphasizes one using their power for the betterment of others while the latter is meant to selfishly hoard power for one's own sake.
  • The names of both One For All and All For One are in reference to the phrase "All for one, one for all" a motto commonly associated with the titular characters of the novel The Three Musketeers by Alexandre Dumas.
  • One For All, All For One, Life Force, Fa Jin, and the unnamed Luminescence Quirk are the oldest known Quirks in the series.


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