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Yoichi Shigaraki

All for One and his younger brother.

Yoichi Shigaraki is the younger brother of All For One. In the past, All For One deeply loved and cared about his younger brother, as he was the only family he had. However, All For One would insult Yoichi, labeling him as pathetic and fragile as he had his bodyguard go easy on him before imprisoning him. In return, Yoichi had a strong sense of justice and did not back down from opposing his brother's evil deeds. All For One refused to kill his brother and instead imprisoned him, in hopes he would join his side. To end his rebellion and make him powerful, All For One attempted to get him to submit by giving him a Quirk that even his frail body could handle, unaware that his brother already had one and his act only contributed to the creation of One For All. Yoichi attempted to defeat him with his newly merged Quirk (now called One For All), but lacked the sufficient power to do so.[1]

It is unknown if All For One killed his brother in battle, but the latter's Quirk was passed down to a vigilante, in the hopes that someone in the future would eventually stop his evil older brother once and for all. Because of his brother passing on the Quirk, All For One sought One For All with each successor failing to defeat him.

One century later, All For One meets Yoichi in the world of One For All, when Tomura attempted to steal the Quirk from Izuku. All For One rebukes Yoichi's decision to remain with Izuku, calling the latter unworthy of such incredible power. Yoichi retorts that All For One can never comprehend Izuku's resolve of self-sacrifice and that is the reason One For All will follow the young hero. Yoichi and Nana Shimura expel All For One and Tomura from the world of One For All, thwarting their attempt to steal the Quirk yet again.

It's possible that one of the reasons All For One desires One For All, besides its power, is to reunite with his younger brother through his vestige, since he failed to bring him to his side in the real world.

League of Villains

Tomura Shigaraki

All For One reunites with Tomura.

All For One groomed Tomura as his successor. He was the one who rescued Tomura from the streets after the incident of killing his family during his childhood.[2][3]

It's later revealed and heavily implied by Yoichi that the main reason All For One groomed Tomura to be so hateful of the world and of All Might was in order to foster a hateful will; through a stronger willpower, it would be possible to overcome the will of a One For All user, bypassing it's natural resistance to being stolen.[4]

All For One is deeply invested in Tomura's growth and was pleased when Tomura finally developed a plan to achieve a goal on his own. Although well aware of his immaturity, he works to mold him into the successor he dreams of him being. When the police and Pro Heroes capture Tomura, All For One retaliates with force before teleporting Tomura and his friends to safety.[5]

It is unknown whether Tomura is aware or cares that All For One killed his grandmother, however, it does appear that All For One truly cares for Tomura, having a similar relationship like All Might has with Izuku. All For One even allowed Tomura to carry on his family name, Shigaraki, when renaming him. Instead of punishing Tomura as any archetypal villain would do to their apprentice, All For One instead encourages Tomura to simply start over as many times as he needed to and that he will always provide him with help. His care goes so far as to urge Tomura and his friends to leave the battlefield with All Might, keeping the Symbol of Peace distracted and entrusting Tomura to continue the fight in his stead.

Although All For One groomed Tomura with the intention to demoralize All Might and even scorn the lineage of Nana Shimura, it is evident that he supposedly grew to care for his adoptive son and is the only person to whom he has shown genuine love to, besides his brother, even if greatly motivated by evil.

After Tomura received the All for One Quirk, All For One (or at least a vestige of him in the Quirk) attempted to take control of Tomura's body, and use it to steal the One For All Quirk from Izuku during his battle with him. Tomura regained control and rebuked his master, saying he wanted to follow his own will, and become greater than he was.[6]

Tomura begins to hate All For One when the latter repeatedly attempts to take over his body to steal One For All. All For One doesn't mind though as he cheers on Tomura while he resists his control as it proves that Tomura is strong enough to be his successor. He later advises Tomura to retreat and let his body heal while he waits for his body to adjust to his new power. As the battle continues, however, All For One once again takes control of Tomura's body, noting that the more hatred Tomura has in his heart, the more his consciousness takes hold of his protege's body. All For One remarks how Tomura should pay back for losing to Endeavor and Deku, saying that it is all for his sake; this implies that All For One only saw Tomura simply as a crux to regain power and had no true affection for him.[7]

This is further shown when he called himself in Tartarus his "real body", implying that he sees Tomura as nothing more than an additional host for his consciousness. When Tomura attempted to regain control, All For One refused, stating that this was the fruit of Tomura's labors, and when he refused to be a pawn, All For One replied that he was no mere pawn and someone very "near and dear to him". However, when he finally escaped Tartarus he stated that this is the story of how he would become a more perfect demon lord. This heavily implies that he had no affection for Tomura, and after his body was heavily damaged by All Might, he spent all those years of raising him and nurturing his hatred in order to both gain a new, healthier and stronger body and use Tomura's hatred in order to steal One For All thus allowing All For One to rise once again by taking permanent control of Tomura's body giving him even greater power than before.

This would make sense as All For One is notorious for manipulating people for his own benefit and often enlightening them with false promises and motivations.[8].

In spite of this, when conversing with Spinner, All For One said that he greatly respected Tomura's will, and that once Tomura's body healed, all their desires would come to fruition; this could insinuate that even if All For One never cared for Tomura personally, at the very least he respects Tomura and his resolve, as well as the wishes of his allies, although he could have just told this to Spinner to put him at ease.[9] Additionally, while All For One is trying to remake himself using Tomura's body, he is also seemingly okay with Tomura being stronger than him. At the very least, he is reluctantly willing to let Tomura usurp him as the true user of All For One and the Symbol of Evil if it comes to that, but Tomura must prove himself to be stronger.

It is eventually revealed that All For One wishes to merge his own consciousness with that of Tomura’s so they can both combine into a stronger, evil entity altogether. While Tomura is vehemently against this and continues to fight his former master’s control, All For One praises his former protégé while saying that all the hatred he had built up over the years is speeding up the process of his new body’s completion and them combining to become the ultimate evil. At this point, All For One expresses a twisted form of pride towards Tomura, praising him for exceeding his expectations yet willing to fuse with him against his will.

Kyudai Garaki

Kyudai watching over All For One.

All for One puts deep trust in his physician, exclaiming that Kyudai's insatiable curiosity and inquisitive nature has always been the source of All for One's strength, and thanks the doctor from the bottom of his heart, going so far as to call him his friend.[10]

All For One met Kyudai when he was at his lowest point, after being ostracized from society due to his Quirk Singularity theory. All For One, on the contrary, believed in his theory and gave him his full support. Thanks to this, Kyudai became one of his most loyal followers, giving to him his original Quirk as a proof of this.[11] Since Kyudai has been working for him.

All For One tasked Kyudai with several assignments like making Nomu, searching for Quirks for him to use, and overseeing Gigantomachia, among others. All For One is the only one that Kyudai entrusts with his 'children' (Nomu) and the knowledge of his appearance.[12] Kyudai was also the one who treated All For One's injuries, using his talents as a doctor to help rebuild All For One's body after his battle with All Might.[13]


All For One saves Toya from certain death by his own flames.

When All For One was scouting for more vessels to replace Tomura should he ended up dead or become inadequate, he found Toya Todoroki at the lake near Sekoto Peak, but was left with severe degrees of burns all over his body and barely alive, but breathing. He sees the boy's potential in his Blueflame and took him to have his body treated by Kyudai. It was a long process of recovery that Toya was left in a comatose state for three years. In order to restore his burnt body, his missing pieces had to be replaced with regenerative tissue, however All For One became aware that he'll be unable to utilize the power he once had, with his organs damaged, body debilitated, and senses all dulled, unable to feel pain.[14]

He intended to welcome him back at his full strength, but with so much damage to his body, All For One believes that Toya was another failure, which causes a visceral reaction in Toya. Despite how much of a failure Toya is, All For One was willing to restore his fire to its former glory, asking if he will allow him to raise him. However, Toya viciously denies him, saying he has no intention of being trained by anyone else. Toya doesn't want All For One to be his master, and thus, All For One was unable to exploit his obsession with his father. Since that boy never bought what they were selling, All For One decided to let him go because his body shouldn't have lasted a month, however, Toya saw the results of his "death" and was reborn as Dabi, essentially coming back to join the League of Villains half a decade later. All For One was surprised by his survival and had him recruited to discover how.

All For One is amused by Toya's hate for his father and acknowledges his deadly skill.


All For One explains to Kurogiri the concept of a villain.

All For One ordered the creation of the Nomu, Kurogiri, using the body of Oboro Shirakumo. Although programmed to obey his commands, and the memories of his past life suppressed, All For One granted him with intelligence of his own and some traits of his former self's personality was retained, especially Oboro's caring traits and his drive to help others, especially people close to him.[15]

All For One wanted to create Kurogiri in this way because he entrusts him into looking after Tomura and ensure that he is given the proper guidance. He also told him the location where he hid Gigantomachia in case he needed it to protect Tomura.[16]

In the few interactions that are seen between the two of them, All For One shows some respect and appreciation for Kurogiri despite being a Nomu, valuing his honest opinions. During the Underground Masquerade Incident, All For One tried to teach Kurogiri the dichotomy between heroes and villains, and how the relationship between a person's will and their Quirk is what defines one and the other.[17]


Gigantomachia was his bodyguard when All For One controlled the world from the shadows and said loyalty has not waned despite All For One's downfall. For his part, All For One considers Gigantomachia an essential piece for Tomura and the resurgence of the League of Villains. Because of this, All for One hid Gigantomachia in the mountains as a means to help preserve his dreams.

However, the same loyalty to All for One that makes Gigantomachia useful also makes him difficult to control for others. He initially refuses to accept Tomura as his successor because he believes that Tomura is not All For One's equal. It is noted that a recording of his master's voice can quickly soothe him to the point that he will purr.[12] However, he came to accept Tomura after seeing his reawakening in action.

In spite of Gigantomatchia's unyielding loyalty to All For One, he still chose to abandon Gigantomachia along with the rest of the League of Villains.[7]

Other Villains

Lady Nagant

All For One meets Lady Nagant with a request.

Following the Tartarus prison break, All For One meets the Ex-Pro Hero as she carries along a catatonic Kai Chisaki. All For One humbly greets Lady Nagant, saying that its an honor to meet a traitor of the heroes while Nagant smiles, recalling that she had targeted him in the past. All For One asks Lady Nagant to capture Izuku Midoriya for him, complimenting that her skill far exceeds that of the other escapees. While at first she refuses, prioritizing her escape, All For One manages to convince her by saying that the Hero society will never see its downfall as long as Izuku is around. Lady Nagant ends up accepting his request, and All For One gifts her his Air Walk Quirk to assist her mission and to seal the deal between them.[18]

However, All For One predicted that Lady Nagant would either be defeated by Deku, or would be swayed into helping the young hero, remarking on how the human soul is far too fickle. Foreseeing Lady Nagant's betrayal, it is revealed that he also gave her a Self-Destruct Quirk along with Air Walk to act as a failsafe. After said Quirk detonated from within Nagant's body, almost killing her in the process, All For One smiled and said that in the end, she was just a tool for him to use and went as far as to say that she should blame her own Quirk for it.[19] Later on, All For One would mock the former hero's choice in helping him towards Izuku, saying that he couldn't resist tempting her and then remarked on how she acted completely of her own free will in assisting him and paid the price because of it.[20]

Pro Heroes

All Might

The fated rematch between light and darkness.

In more than one way, All For One is the arch-nemesis of One For All. Like all the predecessors before him, All Might is the archenemy of All For One, which also makes him his eighth enemy.

All For One and All Might loathe one other. All For One holds a deep hatred for All Might for crippling him, defeating his comrades, denying his ambitions, and being called the Symbol of Peace for this.[21] All Might sought retribution against All For One for murdering his master. It is revealed that All For One viewed All Might as huge threat who could defeat him and groomed Tomura to succeed him.

He states to All Might that he needed a successor because of the injuries All Might inflicted on him from their first battle. Due to the crippling injuries All For One received, he can never be in his prime again. It's also heavily implied that All For One is in even worse shape than All Might is. While All Might's injuries limited his use of One For All, All For One is not capable of living without a life support apparatus keeping him going.[22]

During their second battle during the Kamino Incident, All For One confesses that he still has nightmares and mental trauma from their first encounter from when he saw the look on All Might's face after ripping All Might's guts out. All Might seems to not only be the first to defeat All For One, but also the first to ever severely scar him mentally.[23]

All For One enjoys belittling and ridiculing All Might, even relishing in breaking All Might's spirit by revealing that Tomura is Nana Shimura's grandson. He also enjoys watching All Might become riled up by belittling Nana's heroism and death. In their second battle, All For One aims to take everything from All Might, his image, and pride by revealing his gaunt form and weakness to the public.[24][23]

Even after being captured, All For One continues to play with and taunt All Might, using any and every opportunity to strike at his nemesis. Despite being defeated by the latter, All For One took his loss in stride and mocked All Might for not dying when he had the chance, confident that his pupil will become stronger to take over the League of Villains. All For One is also aware of the fact that Izuku Midoriya is the current bearer of One For All and criticizes All Might for being a pathetic teacher.[23][22]

After All For One breaks out of Tartarus, he has no longer any interests in All Might because he is essentially weaker than his foe and has no need to be focusing on his former nemesis because All For One has set his sight on the ninth user of One For All: Izuku Midoriya.[25]


Out of all the heroes he has faced, he has sincere respects for Endeavor for rising up to becoming the No. 2 during the fight with All Might at Kamino. It was a rare thing for All For One to have some respect for heroes and Endeavor was one of them. Essentially, he sees Endeavor as a hero would become obsessed with surpassing All Might in terms of strength and power, and recognizes him as a man of power. Nonetheless, he still treats Endeavor as nothing more than nuisance like all the other heroes.

All For One mocks Endeavor for failing his role as a father, and having Shoto face off against Dabi, one of the strongest villains in the army. He often wonders why would Endeavor allow his youngest son to deal with his eldest when he knows that it was all because of him that lead Toya to become Dabi in the first place. [26]

When he fights against him and the heroes, Endeavor and the Heroes receive word that Dabi has been defeated by Shoto, causing him to react. In response, All For One comments on Endeavor's face, taunting him that he allowed his youngest son to take the burden of defeating his eldest sibling. Hawks tells Endeavor not to listen, expecting his upcoming verbal assault, while All For One continues, berating him for not even looking at Toya and letting Shoto handle everything, confidently stating that is why he'll never win. To further pester the hero, All For One revealed his role in Toya's disappearance, allowing him to catch the enraged hero off guard and attack him.

Nana Shimura

All For One is scornful of Nana Shimura. He mocks her commitment to ideals and disparages her strength and, by his admission, declared the latter died a pathetic death.[24]

All For One tarnished her memory by knowingly taking in and grooming her grandson to be his successor.[24]

All For One meets Nana in the world of One For All, and insults her in front of Tomura. Nana recognizes her grandson and isn't pleased with the situation. She and Yoichi Shigaraki work together to thwart All For One's attempt to steal One For All.

Best Jeanist

They first encountered each other during Kamino Incident, where Jeanist quickly saved his allies from All For One's attack.

In response, All For One praises Best Jeanist's skills and proficiency with his Quirk. However, he deems that his Quirk requires too much skill and therefore it's useless to him. All For One blast a gust of air that, in the long run, costs Best Jeanist a lung. Best Jeanist is terrified of All For One's sheer power and skill.

Star and Stripe

All For One recognizes Star and Stripe as a huge threat to his plans of global conquest. Upon hearing of her sudden arrival, he decided to fight her himself despite Tomura's body not being fully ready, out of fear of her collaborating with Izuku Midoriya. The fact that he planned to steal One For All before confronting her proves how much of a threat All For One viewed her as. During his fight with the hero, he becomes eager to test out the limits of her Quirk, New Order. After she unleashes her final move upon "Tomura", he admits that any other move would've finished him, but then derides her over her failure while saying he would make better use of her resources.

After stealing New Order, "Tomura" mocks the hero by agreeing with the pilot who called her an idiot. However, before he prepares to use New Order, All For One sees the vestige of Star and Stripe going wild, tearing apart the other vestiges and destroying "Tomura's" body, thanks to the final rule placed onto New Order which caused it to revolt against other Quirks. All For One is infuriated, completely caught off-guard by this and unable to do anything to stop New Order from destroying his body. In the mental world, All For One curses her, viewing her as the specter of All Might. Star and Stripe is the only hero besides All Might that has managed to make All For One lose his composure.

U.A. High School

Izuku Midoriya

"Now it's your turn!!"

All For One is the arch-nemesis of One For All, and when Izuku became the ninth and final user of One For All, it makes All For One his most dangerous foe.

As soon as All For One deduced that Izuku is All Might’s successor, he prepared to crush the boy, both body and his heroic spirit. During his time in Tartarus, All For One lost interest in All Might and moved on to Izuku, fantasizing about destroying his life. Izuku, on the other hand, prepared to eventually go up against One For All's mortal enemy.

Upon witnessing All For One in the flesh, Izuku felt overwhelming fear, seeing visions of him and his friends dead by his hands. Izuku's feelings toward All For One became extremely spiteful near the end of the Paranormal Liberation War, when the latter takes over Tomura's body and stabs Katsuki, following it up with dismissing the efforts of all the heroes trying to stop Tomura as "pointless." Enraged, Izuku loses his calm and goes straight toward Tomura/All For One, leaving him vulnerable to getting One For All stolen.

In the vestige world, All For One mocked Izuku's altruism as a weakness and claimed that All Might made a mistake choosing him as a successor. Yoichi and Nana, however, fought back against him, rebutting that Izuku's perceived weakness is exactly why he was chosen for this power. All For One fails in stealing One For All, and while he acknowledges Izuku as a threat to his plans, he is still dismissive of the young hero.

All For One finds Izuku to be predictable, and exploits this quality to try and break Izuku's spirit. He anticipated that Izuku would reach out to Lady Nagant, so he detonated her using the bomb quirk he'd planted into her in secret. He also left a video message at the former Creature Rejection Clan hideout when the heroes investigated it, telling Izuku that society will always exclude certain people and label them villains, so he is fighting an endless and ultimately pointless battle. All For One's manipulation makes Izuku paranoid to the point that he doesn't try to reach out to other villains he sends in his way, and to working alone, making civilians fearful of the hero. His attempt to exhaust and isolate Izuku was thwarted when Class 1-A brought him back to U.A., though he shrugs it off.

Izuku's hatred toward All For One would grow further when he learns that he forced Yuga Aoyama to become a mole for him, endangering the students' lives numerous times. He and his classmates become newly determined to defeat All For One in the coming battle to decide the fate of the world.

Yuga Aoyama

All For One was responsible for giving Yuga his Quirk.

As Yuga was born Quirkless, All For One was visited by the Aoyama parents and he bestowed upon him Navel Laser. Years later, All For One decided to collect on this debt and had Yuga become his mole within U.A. High School. To that end he forced the young man to relay information to him whenever it was convenient, leading to both the U.S.J. Incident and the Vanguard Action Squad Invasion.

All For One has no regard for Yuga, seeing him and his parents as expendable pawns, and going as far as to compare Yuga to a cheap lighter that would eventually fizzle out and stop working. He threatened Yuga and his parents with death should they have disobeyed or lied to him, and even showed them an example of what became of someone who once ratted him out; a man who went to the police and was killed when he was released from prison. As a result, All For One had sewn a strong fear into the Aoyama family, as well as a strong and horrible guilt within Yuga for having betrayed his classmates and putting them in danger.

In return, Yuga heavily resents All For One for exploiting him and his parents. He confided in his parents that he believed he was free upon witnessing All Might defeat him during the Kamino Incident, believing that he could move on and become true friends with his classmates. However, these hopes were dashed after All For One broke out of Tartarus.[27]

Upon contacting Yuga’s family, All For One puts on his normal benevolent guise, addressing them like family relatives and greeting Yuga as though he was his nephew. After Yuga seemingly betrayed Izuku by delivering the U.A. student to him, All For One congratulated Yuga on accomplishing the task he gave him and commented on how hard it must have been for him to betray his friends. All For One promised Yuga that him and his parents would have a happy life in his new world. After his plan looked as though it came together however, Yuga turns on All For One and blasts him with his Navel Laser, revealing this was just a ploy orchestrated by U.A. that Yuga and Izuku went along with. After being betrayed by his unwilling spy, All For One angrily calls Yuga an ungrateful wretch and summons his PLF forces, initiating the final war between heroes and villains.[28]


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