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Air Walk (エアウォーク Ea Wōku?) is a stolen Quirk possessed by All For One, and later transferred to Kaina Tsutsumi.


Air Walk allows the user the ability to stand on and control the air around them, granting them levitation.

Air Walk facilitates mobility, allowing the user better offensive and evasive abilities due to not being confined to the ground.[1] The Quirk can be utilized to either float straight upward, as well as also able to walk and skip across invisible air platforms while in mid-air.


If the user is not focused, the air beneath the user's feet will give in, resulting in them starting to fall.[2]


All For One

All For One utilizes Air Walk in order to move around with ease, being unobstructed by the surrounding terrain.

Air Walk gives All For One a vantage point against enemies on the ground as well, as he is able to fire off attacks at them while staying away from their normal range.[1]

Kaina Tsutsumi

Kaina uses Air Walk in conjunction with her given Quirk, Rifle, in order to attain better vantage points for stealth sniping and to increase the range of her shots.[3]


  • Air Walk is very similar to Float, as they both allow the users to levitate in the air.

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