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Air Cannon ( (くう) () () () Kūki o Oshidasu?) is a Quirk possessed by All For One, who stole it from an unknown person, and is later used by Tomura Shigaraki.


Air Cannon allows the user to release an air shockwave from their arms.[1]

The shockwave can manifest in different forms, depending on the motion the user's arms follow when releasing it. The blast's shape can range from a straight, concentrated air shot to a wide, crescent-shaped air blade.


All For One utilizes Air Cannon as one of his primary means of attack. Sometimes, he uses this Quirk for defense as well, blowing away projectiles sent his way.

All For One using Springlike Limbs to boost Air Cannon's power.

All For One is able to augment the power and speed of this Quirk up to devastating levels by combining it with Springlike Limbs, plus other power-up Quirks like Kinetic Booster and multiple Strength Enhancers. With this combination, All For One becomes capable of easily destroying rows of buildings. The first time this technique was used, it was able to defeat several Pro Heroes at once.

Even with Air Cannon's enhancements, however, All Might is able to block the shockwave to an extent, thanks to the strength granted by his own Quirk.[2]

After receiving All For One's Quirk, Tomura Shigaraki uses Air Cannon in his fight against the Pro Hero Endeavor.[3] He also utilizes the Quirk in conjunction with Radio Waves to create a wide-range blast which can shut down communications used by Heroes.[4]

Tomura would then once again combine Radio Waves and Air Cannon together, alongside Heavy Payload, in his fight against Star and Stripe, creating a gigantic beam of electric energy.[5]


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