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AP Shot (徹甲弾 (A・P・ショット) Ē-Pī Shotto?, literal meaning "Armor-Piercing Shot") is an Ultimate Move performed by Katsuki Bakugo using the Explosion Quirk.


By focusing his Explosion path into a single point, rather than his whole palm, Katsuki is able to produce a concentrated blast that can successfully pierce through solid concrete.

Katsuki performs AP Shot by forming his hand into a circle and places it on his other palm. He then shoots his explosion through the circle in order to keep the attack focused on a fixed point.[1] It was developed during his training at the Gamma Gym.[2] He uses this move to defeat Dictator from above, saving Izuku Midoriya.[3]

Related Techniques

AP Shot Auto-Cannon.gif AP Shot: Auto-Cannon (徹甲弾 (A・P・ショット) 機関銃 (オートカノン) Ē-Pī Shotto Ōtokanon?, literal meaning "Armor-Piercing Shot: Autocannon"): A scattershot version of his AP Shot technique, the explosion power is reduced in order to avoid dealing severe damage to human targets.[4]
AP Machine-Gun.png AP Machine-Gun (徹甲機銃 ((A・P・マシンガン) Ē-Pī Mashingan?): A stronger version of his AP Shot: Auto-Cannon where Bakugo fires larger, rapid fire explosions. This technique was first used against Tomura Shigaraki in the Paranormal Liberation War Arc.


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