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1,000,000% Delaware Detroit Smash (1000000% (パーセント) デラウェアデトロイトスマッシュ 1000000 Pāsento Derawea Detoroito Sumasshu?) is a Super Move performed by Izuku Midoriya using the One For All Quirk.


Delaware Detroit Smash is one of the strongest Super Moves in Izuku's arsenal. He uses both his 100% Delaware Smash and his 100% Detroit Smash at the same time, multiplying their destructive power into one attack.

By utilizing his adrenaline and raw emotion, Izuku supercharges One For All with enough power to perform this smash attack.

Izuku first used this attack to defeat Muscular during the Vanguard Action Squad Invasion. He was able to break through Muscular's Quirk-enhanced defenses, allowing him to knock the villain unconscious.[1]


  • 1,000,000% Delaware Detroit Smash is featured as Izuku's ultimate move in Jump Force.
  • Izuku does not claim that he's using One For All at 1,000,000%, it's only the fighting spirit of Izuku's way to shout his feelings toward this unusual strength in an emergency.[2]


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